Investment Opportunities in Australian Small Businesses

Investment Opportunities in Australian Small Businesses


Australia has some flourishing small businesses that are doing great with a constant profit-making year on year. Any individual investor or an investment company can look into buying the small businesses and expanding their operations.

Small and profitable businesses give the investors an advantage of market-tested ideas. For investors, it is a safe bet to buy an already up and running profitable venture.

Of course, there are legal compliances to take care of which overseas investors have to carefully check before investing. Some of the businesses are not open to foreign investors. If you are an overseas investor, you should know which industries you can invest in.

11 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Australia

  1. E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce is a booming business idea in Australia. More and more small businesses in Australia are aiming for online presence increase their reach and cater to more and more customers. Investors can safely invest in online businesses that are small and aiming to go big with their business plans and expansion.

  1. Eatery Joints/ Café Businesses

Australia is a country where a large number of multicultural people dwell to realise their dreams, they come from all over the world. Having said that Australia is a tourist favourite country where every year millions of tourists come to Australia. Such a scenario offers a great small business idea of starting a café or eatery joints. There are a lot of local catering businesses in Australia offering a great investment opportunity that has all the potential to grow big.

  1. Renting Businesses

Renting out is an interesting business idea that is garnering many followers from different sections of the society. One can set up small with renting out anything from party supplies to camping materials, from cars to utility equipment. It is a great investment idea for anyone who is looking to start small.

  1. Household Related Businesses


  • Laundry Business

Though not as glamorous as an e-commerce or a café business, laundry business is a money-spinning business. As an investment option, it is a safe bet.

  • Cleaning & Repairing Business

Not many Australians have time to do their household maintenance activities like cleaning or repairing.  Service providers offering cleaning and repairing services for households are excellent small business options that require very less investment. Investors can take such businesses and turn them into bigger brands by doing value addition to the basic services.

  1. Training/Tutoring Business

Education has always been a priority industry in Australia that supports many auxiliary sectors such as tutoring or training. One usually starts small and grows into a big institution. Tutoring start-ups are a great place to invest small and scale up.

  1. Farming Businesses

Agricultural farming and livestock farming are highly potential businesses in Australia with a lot of government attention on them. If you are looking for investment options, farming businesses are the best of the kind opportunities that ensure returns sooner and bigger.

  1. Pet Businesses

By pet business we mean; pet care, pet grooming, pet insurance, pet care blogging, pet hygiene, pet vaccinations, pet photography, pet behavioural trainer/ counsellor, pet boarding services and add more if you think of anything more to do with pets!

Pet business makes an excellent investment opportunity that is niche, and have huge market potential.

  1. Publication Business

Many companies need a specialised service provider to engage the public with company business plans, products and services, community initiatives etc. A publication business offering to communicate to the public on behalf of the companies is a good investment option.

  1. Businesses catering to oil and gas, marine industries
  •  Welding Businesses

Although it is a plain job, welding is a necessary service in oil and gas and marine industries. There are a lot of small businesses doing this in Australia and are open and available for investing, buying or selling options.

  • Servicing Business

Taking contracts to service gas plants is a mid-level investment option that has a continuous inflow of orders and money.

  • Marketing Services

Investing in marketing service provider to oil and gas companies is a lucrative option. The service involves acting the entrepreneur to act as a facilitator between production companies and the consumers or retailers.

  1. Environment Related Businesses


  • Waste Management Business

With increasing public consciousness about environmental protection and restoration management of waste has gained much focus and opened up a business gateway. Investing in waste management is a happening thing in Australia at present.

  • Green Construction

Civil engineers are moving away from traditional methods and materials of the building, some of which are harmful to the environment. Civil engineers and architects are now interested to work with environmentally friendly materials and methods of construction to safeguard the environment. If you are looking for a sustainable business investment option, this is indeed one of them.

  1. Health and Wellness Businesses

Australia has one of the best healthcare infrastructures in the world! That seeds many other supporting activities as investment attracting small businesses. Nutrition-related products and services, fitness related services, and pregnancy fitness services are a hot favourite businesses in Australia making them great business investment opportunities.

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